What’s the best way to make love sound?

Everyone knows that a woman’s sexy barking can make him more excited during sex, but barking is not a random bark. Sometimes the tone, tone, and emotion must be in place to stimulate his sexual desire. So, let’s practice the vocal skills of making love today!

The so-called bed-calling is to express one’s feelings through the form of voice and body and let the other party know. We need to respond, in addition to voice and body language. Only by combining the two can we better express our feelings to the other party. The benefits are:

1. The other party is more diligent.

2. The other person knows what to do to make you happier.

3. The other’s sense of achievement.

4. Interaction.

5. It is still embarrassing to be silent. . .

make love sound
make love sound

Many women mistakenly think that the louder the voice, the better the other party feels… I have to say, this is a misunderstanding. The screaming is like killing a pig. Would a man be so happy when a woman screamed so loudly and miserably? NO!! They will be scared soft…

Avoid these when making love sounds

1. No loud sound is required. (Don’t be misled by Japanese AV, the high-pitched and loud mode is not liked by everyone, especially mature men)

2. Don’t immediately burst like you are plugged in when you come up.

3. Don’t keep calling, keep calling, and make random voices that have no rules.

correct way of speaking


The reservedness of oriental women is generally more suitable for oriental men’s pursuit of superiority. There is a saying that “the reason why there is X pleasure is because there is X shame first”, men prefer to see a woman who wants to refuse and welcome more than a woman who is open and close. You just need to be coquettish and shenyin who can’t bear it when it’s critical.


In fact, you don’t need to give a reaction at the beginning. As your condition and physical feeling get better and better, you will get warmer and better, and you will feel more fulfilled. Imagine an instinctive, uncontrollable gasp that comes out of your nose instead of your throat.


The pattern and rhythm need to be determined according to the situation at the time. You don’t need to keep “Ahhhhh…”, in most cases, you can actually make an “um” sound, and along with the other party’s actions and your own feelings, it will be accompanied by “so comfortable” or “that’s right there” and give Different sounds and responses can be more rapid, or you can turn up the volume slightly, and the best is to match the body’s response at the same time. The other person will very much want to know that he makes you feel great, and will therefore work harder to continue this state or position or frequency.


The essence of the jiao bed is not how much your voice fluctuates, how many twists and turns, how heartwarming it is, but the artistic conception. The ultimate expression of artistic conception is repression and patience. Please keep your state during the whole process of “repressed happiness” and “your voice is forced to come out because you can’t help it”, if you want to scream but don’t dare to speak loudly, you say “no~ no ~” The behavior is “Don’t stop, don’t stop…” Don’t worry, the other party will fall in love with your increasingly unbearable, shy, and shy little appearance. Conquering and exploiting you will turn their fun into them.

Match your body language to your voice

facial expressions

Squinting, frowning, shaking his head, licking and biting his lower lip, raising his head, winking like silk, and even drooling unconsciously, his limbs cooperate with the other person’s line of sight and slowly use the five fingers to close the bed sheet, slowly rub the toes against the other person’s calf, and hold the other person firmly. Hands (back, forearm, forearm), fingers gently trembling into each other’s hair from the neck, arch the waist as much as possible when lying on the back, twist the hips when lying on the stomach, and the maximum when kneeling Lowering the waist and raising the hips to the limit, the long hair that slowly slides over the opponent’s chest when the woman is on, the body is slightly stiff and trembling, actively hooking the opponent’s neck and kissing the other’s lips, breathing lightly in the other’s ear, touching the other’s sensitive points, using oneself body rubs against each other.. . wait wait wait….

girl teamwork

With rhythmic and skillful contractions, combined with body responses and vocal contractions, a strong grip is king.

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