What are the favorite positions of girls for masturbation?

A complete collection of female masturbation postures, I saw that many users on the Internet are paying attention to what are the female masturbation postures? Which is more refreshing and easy to orgasm. Here, Qumeier collected the masturbation experiences of 20 female friends of different ages and hobbies.

1. Clamping the legs

Oralist: 18 years old, female, heterosexual

I lie down, relax my legs completely, and cross my legs. I started squeezing my thighs while curling my toes and working my knees up and down. I would keep squeezing my vagina like this until I finally orgasm.

Second, the magic pillow

Oralist: 33 years old, female, queer

It’s the only way I’ve ever really orgasmed when masturbating – I’m rubbing against something (usually a pillow) while stroking my clitoris back and forth with my fingers.

Three, lying on the day bed

Oralist: 39 years old, female, gay

I’ll be on my stomach, usually on the bed, but when I discovered this trick as a kid it was on the woolen rug. I would place my hands straight at my sides with my head turned to one side. My legs are bent from the knees, so my feet are in the air. I would start fantasizing and then rub my butt and clit up and down the bed, my desire slowly rising and getting stronger until orgasm. Orgasms are half fantasy and half friction.

girls for masturbation
girls for masturbation

4. Look at yourself in the mirror and masturbate

Oralist: 27 years old, female, bisexual

Sometimes, just looking at yourself can lead to some crazy thoughts. Sometimes I would sit in a chair in front of the mirror and ride a fake penis, and it felt like I was watching myself as a female superior. Other times, I’ll lie down in front of the mirror.

5. Use the shower head directly

Oralist: 27 years old, female, straight

My favorite way to masturbate is to use the showerhead in the shower. Turn on the lights and turn the water hot. I adjust the angle of the nozzle so that the water flow is more stable. Then put the nozzle at my clitoris. When the water pressure washed, the feeling was really cool, I had an orgasm in 5 minutes!

6. Try nipple clips or use hair clips as a temporary replacement

Oralist: 33 years old, female, bisexual

I’m not brave enough to buy a nipple clip, so I just tried it with a hair clip, and it’s fine to have a little pain.

7. Apply massage oil all over the body

Oralist: 27 years old, female, pansexual

When I masturbate, I know how to pamper myself and how to play tricks. Candles, music, create a little atmosphere. Most importantly, apply massage oil all over my body. While oiling, stroking myself, orgasm.

8. Don’t be afraid, try anal beads or anal plugs

Oralist: 23 years old, female, bisexual

Sometimes I use an anal plug, the sour feeling of being blown up by chrysanthemums… Whoever tries it knows. Within minutes I had an orgasm.

9. Use the vibrator to touch the most sensitive parts

Oralist: 20 years old, female, bisexual

Rabbit vibrators are so bland, just kidding…but I did not find any toy that made me feel like a full clitoris while masturbating. I ended up using two vibrators together, one for the clitoris and one for the G-spot, which was perfect.

10. Sitting on a chair and rubbing a rolled up towel

Oralist: 25 years old, straight daughter

I would put a pillow on my chair, then add a panty or towel rolled up like a penis, and wrap the whole pillow in a cloth. Finally, I stripped myself naked, sat on it in a female superior position, and began to twist my body to feel the orgasm.

11. Slowly push and pull a string of beads back and forth between your legs

Oralist: 22 years old, female, bisexual

It stimulates your clitoris and at the same time gives a wonderful feeling in my ass.

12. Treat your clitoris like a little penis

Narrator: 19 years old, transgender, queer

I found that jerking my clit up and down, like jerking off, was much easier to orgasm than stroking it.

13. Add an extra vibrator

Oralist: 20 years old, female, pansexual

I have a lot of vibrators, one of them has a G-spot massage function is my favorite, every time I use it, I straddle a chair, and put a pair of pants between the chair and the vibrator, it’s easy Can orgasm to no avail.

14. Relax your thighs and buttocks for a faster orgasm

Oralist: 18 years old, straight daughter

The day after I masturbated, my thighs were very sore, and I kept asking people what was the reason for this soreness. When I realized it myself, I wished I hadn’t said anything before…

15. Don’t be afraid to try various poses

Oralist: 24 years old, female, bisexual

From the back, from the side, on the stomach, on the knees… play as you like.

16. Stimulate the surrounding part of the clitoris

Oralist: 26 years old, female, bisexual

If direct stimulation of the clitoris feels too strong, you can stimulate the area around the clitoris.

17. Touch the whole body with a vibrator, but avoid the clitoris or vagina first

Oralist: 18 years old, female, gay

I like to entertain myself, so I’ll stroke my vibrator around my belly button and go slowly, which will ignite my desire.

18. Reproduce the highlights in AV with hands or toys

Oralist: 26 years old, female, heterosexual

If I’m watching a girl have sex, I’ll try to sync myself with her, and if she’s about to orgasm, I’ll stroke my ass.

19. Synchronize with music

Oralist: 29 years old, female, heterosexual

I will climax with the music. It’s an incredible feeling, with the ups and downs of the music reaching a climax that will make you feel stronger than ever! Much more exciting than an orgasm without music. Of course I can’t orgasm when I listen to all music, I need time to tell which ones make me orgasm and which ones don’t.

20. Suspend the use of sex toys

Oralist: 30 years old, female, heterosexual

I have been using vibrators so much for a while that I can’t orgasm without them, hands or even my boyfriend can’t get me to orgasm. So I paused using them and started experimenting. Although it was a bit difficult at first, I eventually got back to orgasm. When I finally started using sex toys again (already adjusted, of course), I felt much more stimulated.

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