What are sexy stockings? how to choose?

Sexy stockings are a product that combines visual stimulation with sex. It is a product that meets spiritual needs after the improvement of human material life. It belongs to adult products (translated into sexysocks in English). Sexy stockings are generally exquisite in patterns and bold in design. Tight-fitting, translucent materials, lace piping, suspender elastics and other characteristics can greatly improve the fun of sex between husband and wife and make the relationship between husband and wife more harmonious. The popular “sexy stockings” in the market are made of silk fabrics. The styles are graceful and colorful, and the workmanship is exquisite and unique. It is indeed quite interesting.

Sexy stockings classification

Sexy stockings with straps: extra-high stockings with straps on both sides of the waist for tying, these stockings have a bold, hot look and are suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. And as long as you untie the rope on one side, it’s exciting enough.

Lace sexy stockings: The material is mainly translucent, surrounded by lace piping, which is a typical representative of romantic “inner beauty”. The pubic hair is looming, which is very visually provocative, and it is also a pleasure to touch it directly.

Open crotch sexy stockings: This kind of stockings happens to be empty between the two strands. If you wear a miniskirt to go out, it can be scary enough. This is a stunned and hot design.

Stockings with open crotch: There is a large opening between the two strands to allow unobstructed access to the panty.

Garter elastic band: Imagine a woman putting one leg on a chair, that kind of sultry demeanor can fascinate all beings.

Sexy stockings
Sexy stockings

Material selection of sexy stockings

Ordinary nylon silk: ordinary nylon silk stockings are early products, and their biggest defects are poor elasticity and low transparency.

Crystal wire: In order to solve the defects of ordinary nylon wire, there is crystal wire. The transparency of this material has been greatly improved, so that the color of the stockings is no longer rigid, but the shortcomings of poor elasticity have not been improved, and the hand feel is relatively rough.

Core-spun silk: It has high transparency and excellent elasticity. It completely overcomes the defects of nylon silk and crystal silk. It feels delicate and smooth, and belongs to the mainstream products. Generally, the tight weave is the top grade, and the loose weave is relatively poor.

Velvet: Compared with core-spun silk, velvet is slightly less transparent, but its elasticity is much higher. It not only feels better, but also increases its warmth retention.

Ultra-thin velvet: It is woven with high-tech microfiber fully elastic silk that is softer than human hair.

How to choose sexy stockings

A. Choose a good texture

Sexy stockings are like light black underwear. Socks made of different textures feel different when worn on the body, and the price also varies greatly. Generally speaking, 100% Japanese velvet is high-grade stockings, which are smooth and soft, and have excellent elasticity. Whether it is thick or ultra-thin, it is very durable. Made of core-spun silk material, it is a mid-grade stocking, which has super high elasticity and is not easy to snag. Ordinary 15D stockings, although the tightness and smoothness are not as good as the first two, but the price is affordable, so they are also very popular.

B. Choose the color

The tones of sexy stockings reflect a woman’s temperament. Skin tone is a timeless color, which can be matched with all kinds of fashion; gray is natural and generous, and it is better to match with plain clothes. Women with a beautiful body may wish to choose high-end electronic jacquard socks, which not only show a fashionable atmosphere, but also better set off their beautiful body. In addition, when women buy stockings, they should also pay attention that the color of the stockings in the packaging bag is darker than that when they are worn on the legs. Therefore, when choosing, women should choose stockings that are slightly darker than their favorite color.

C. Look at the gloss

Good sexy stockings, even thick stockings worn in autumn and winter, should be shiny, making beautiful legs looming and revealing a hazy complexion. Otherwise, the legs will be made of wood, stiff and motionless.

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