How to choose sexy lingerie with small breasts?

Erotic lingerie is called “visual Viagra”. In a happy relationship between the two sexes, choosing the erotic lingerie that suits you as a concoction of love is also a correct way to enjoy life.

Choosing sexy lingerie is the same as choosing clothes. First of all, you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your body, and know where the strengths and weaknesses of your body are. Second, try to choose skin-friendly materials. Be worthy of your body; third, clarify the ways and occasions of the use of erotic underwear-cough, you know, some clothes are worn for others to see, some are for selfies, some are touched, and some are for people tore…

The most important thing is that some people say that you can’t wear sexy lingerie if you have a bad figure, small breasts, short legs, and belly?

It is the right that every woman should have to love yourself and enjoy life, and Orientals are not born plump, about half of them are below Bcup! Western women are born with plump breasts, and big breasts are king! So Qumeier’s sexy class will now teach you how to choose sexy lingerie with a bad figure and small breasts. Today, let’s talk about how to choose clothes for small breasted girls. Prepare a small book to remember!

small breasts
small breasts

boyfriend shirt

It is said that there is a temptation called “men in white shirts”. Many women’s ultimate sexual fantasy is that boys wear white shirts, but a “boyfriend shirt” can also inspire unlimited imagination in men’s hearts.

In the popular “erotic teaching material” “Fifty Shades of Grey”, the second morning when the heroine and the hero first fell in love, the scene where they only wore a white shirt of the hero while cooking and dancing was regarded as a One of the few bright spots of this film, and the dress of the heroine also makes countless men in front of the screen unable to move their eyes just like the hero.

lace material

Every woman is controlled by lace. Unlike the overly sensual sensuality of the busty girls, the girls with small breasts can wear the fluttering fairy spirit of lace, which has a seductive atmosphere that wants to be concealed and revealed.

This maid apron with lotus leaf lace trim on the chest can properly modify the curve of the chest, and the short open-back design makes the beautiful back and legs of the girls become the focus of men’s eyes, the first reaction of men when they see it It must be thinking about how to knock you down, not how big your boobs are.

lace three-point

The myth that small breasts are not suitable for the three-point style must be dispelled. On the contrary, the lace three-point style should be the most sexy style for girls with small breasts. Sexy but not pornographic is the girl who wears lace underwear, full of advanced

With cat ear garter, who can control such an innocent cat girl?

student uniform, sailor uniform

Small breasts have a natural sense of youth, suitable for cute sailor suits and or student clothes, and generally girls with small breasts have thinner waists, you can choose this two-cut student clothes, and suddenly return to the time of 16-year-old minors , a proper innocent little loli. Corset Vest

If you are really not confident and want to make your chest look fuller, you can choose a vest with a gathering effect. You must know that the world’s No. 1 stripper, Dita Vantis, is a deep lover of corsets and one of the tools she uses to conquer men all over the world.

Conclusion No matter what kind of clothes you choose, it is the most important thing between the two sexes to sincerely face your body and your own feelings. I wish you all a happy life and a good sex life every day!

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